iPhone XI画风诡异

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Turns out iPhone XI's ugly square camera bump is real 现在看来,iPhone XI真的有很丑的方形摄像头凸起 The anticipation for Apple's flagship iPhone is probably at an all-time high, not because of the curiosity about the specs but because of Apple's design choice. 大众对苹果主打产品iPhone的期待可能达到历史新高,但并不是对其规格好奇,而是因为苹果最新的设计。 Smartphone enthusiasts and, of course, Apple fans are eagerly waiting to see whether Apple brings the massive square camera bump in the upcoming iPhone, the iPhone XI even though various leaks in the past kind of confirmed the presence of the bump. 智能手机爱好者,当然还有苹果粉们殷切地期盼着要看看苹果在即将上市的iPhone产品iPhone XI上是否采用了超大的方形摄像头凸起,即使之前的各种爆料好像也证实了这个凸起的存在。

Clearly, the tech enthusiasts including the Apple fans rejected the design outright and now hoping for the best. 显然科技发烧友和苹果粉们都公开抵制这款设计,期待能有最好的改进。 To add insult to the injury, an accessory maker Olixar, famous for releasing accessories ahead of a new smartphone launch, sent a just sent iPhone 11 Max (and iPhone 11) camera protectors to smartphone accessory retailer MobileFun, confirming that the iPhone XI's camera is real. 配件制造商Olixar却让情况变得更糟,他们向来以在新智能手机发布之前发布配件而闻名,刚刚向智能手机配件零售商MobileFun发送了iPhone 11 Max(和iPhone11)的相机保护贴,这就证实了iPhone XI的相机真是那样的。